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The next few months are gonna be quite busy, nevertheless, exciting and sweet. At the moment we’re working together with a bunch of bands such as The Ocean and Kristoffer And The Harbour Heads creating new artworks for lp’s, 7 inches and merch. Moreover we’re getting prepared for our upcoming exhibtion warmth taking place at the Hole Of Fame (Nov 20th – Nov 29th, further information soon) and the Vegan Winter Market at AZ Conni (Dec 5th). In case you don’t find us at our stall we’re probably around to stuff ourselves with all the delicious food! High5, the KIDS.

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Deaf Row Screen Prints

Hey! We’re gonna have a little stall at this years Deaf Row Fest taking place September 19th in Jena. We gonna bring some screen prints, tote bags, shirts and a few other gimmicks. Can’t wait to see this intense bunch of bands. Come by say Hi! High5, the KIDS

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Gravel Between Teeth


Slow Bloomer’s demo tapes are ready for your walkman, your cassette player or car radio! You can grab yours at a show of their tour with Reason To Care that kicks off tomorrow in Chemnitz. If you don’t have any of the devices to play back a tape just hit the play button below! Love, the KIDS

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Reason To Care + Slow Bloomer


Reason To Care and Slow Bloomer are gonna be on tour pretty soon. They are still searching for a few shows to fill the last open gaps. If you’re from France, Portugal or Spain feel free to contact them in case you have the chance to help them out. You can find all information over here

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Hunted Like Thieves from Zurich are going to release their debut full length entitled “Echoes” on 12inch vinyl (limted to 100 blue + 100 black copies) as well as on CD pretty soon. The preorders are gonna be up in early September! You will find the whole artwork&layout over at the Vinyl/Cd Packaging section soon. Love, the KIDS

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Smash Bros


Hi, it’s been a while! We have been working on various projects lately and among others we designed a shirt for the Nintendo-Online.de Team. It might take you some time to array that little mess but if you’re interested in purchasing a shirt you can head over to the Nintendo Online Store.

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