We Built The World And Miss The Stars


It was so much fun working on the poster for the 2nd (We Built The World And) MISS THE STARS FEST having this truly mind blowing lineup floating through the head. Lots of tickets have been sold already but you can take your chance and get yours through the next pre-sale starting on Wednesday. Can’t really wait to head for Berlin to enjoy this pile of wonderful bands! Gonna go for a couple of limited screen prints that will be available at the festival. HIGH5! the KIDS

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Hey! Our close friends in Rainmaker from Sweden are going to release a split along with the wonderful screamo band Øjne from Milano, Italy. It was a pleasure to work with these guys and this record is probably gonna make your heart beat faster! The split will be released via Dog Knights Productions and the pre-orders are gonna be up within the next weeks. Both bands will be touring Europe in May. If you have the chance, you should definitely head for a show to enjoy them live!

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Reason To Care + Via Fondo

Reason To Care and Via Fondo are gonna be on tour from February 27th till March 14th. Both bands just released new records and besides a bunch of other lovely releases you can give them a listen over there at the Through Love Records bandcamp.

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Gravity II

Crowns & Thieves "gravity"

In 10 days you can head over to Dog Knights Productions to order Crowns & Thieves debut full length Gravity! The album is gonna come on 180 gram black vinyl and with a full colour printed inner sleeve!

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crowns&thieves - Gravity Cover

The boys in crowns&thieves are going to release their first full length record Gravity via Dog Knights Productions soon. Please keep your eyes and ears open for the official release date, intense tunes and any further information over here. So happy to be a part of that wonderful record! We’re going to upload the full artwork to our Cd/Vinyl Packaging section in the near future.

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Hi! We’ve been working on a little DIY zine recently. It’s called The Note and it’s the first edition of a series with the project title SIDEWALK STORIES.  The zine is gonna be available at the T-Shirt Festival in 3 weeks. If you’d like to purchase one by now you can also send us an email to: dontmesswithkids@web.de (damage: 5€ + shipping)


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10th T-shirt Festival…..OMG

hey girls and boys and everything in between… guess what.. the 10th t- shirt fetsival is coming up…and we are all in.

For the tenth time we try to impress you, make you happy.. and maybe others for whom you buy pressies for. So lets party like its 1999 and try to revive the whole thang.We are open for  ideas, wishes.. anything…or otherwise.See you soon.its gonna be great!!!!!


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