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Hi! We are KIDS, a platform for young artists, with the desire to bring young art forward. The plan is to contribute colour, design, space and excitement into a sometimes grey world. We like to support people with ideas, dreams and creative output to span a great network, in which we can all unfold our creativity and design the world how we want it – sharing dreams and concepts. We have a certain perception of design and artworks and want to bring those people together who share the same sense, either as artists or consumers. We express our rampant ideas in paintings, photography, and graphic design. We’ve done different design work for other artists and companies, of very different variety, for example band merchandise, website design and art assignments. It is our big ambition with this network, to give others as well as ourselves a platform to distribute zeitgeisty art, connect with other artists and find ways together to make our art within reach of art loving consumers and people in general. At this very moment we are expanding our network, planning exhibitions, making street art, meeting people and you will find us at different festivals with artwork for sale.

So, for all of those who are interested to work with us or want to find out more, check out this blog and do not ever hesitate to contact us.

With love, peace and empathy,
the KIDS

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